Bodacious Bromeliads

Itty Bitty Pineapple

The Conservatory of Flowers has an awesome collection of bromeliads in all shapes and sizes. We checked out Chomp 2 a couple weeks ago. This pineapple is just too darn cute. Bromeliads are native to South America. They have many unique adaptations to survive tough environments.

Bowl of bros

All bromeliads have teeny weeny scales called trichomes and grow in a rosette formation.


Tillandsia funckiana

These funky Tillandsia funckianas develop bright red flowers. We have a little guy in our window. He gets dunked in water about once a week or so. Sometimes we just do a mist.

Tree o’ bros

You gotta love epiphytes. These guys have wire like roots to secure them to the branches, but don’t suck the life out of the tree (they’re not parasites). That Funkiana up above is an epiphyte too.



You can see in the center of the pic a long pinkish white flower developing.  Many Tillandsia species can cross breed.  We have a couple we are not certain what they are, but should have a better idea after they flower.

More bros

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