Thai Pavilion in Madison

Thai Pavilion, Olbrich Gardens

This beautiful Thai Pavilion or Sala was a gift from the Thai Government to the University of Wisconsin-Madison. UW-Madison has one of the largest Thai student populations in the country (I had no idea). Only four pavilions exist outside of Thailand. Olbrich Gardens was chosen for its garden environment and closeness to water.

Thai Elephant

Native to Thailand, elephants are a symbol of strength, wisdom and victory.

White Fringetree (Chionanthus virginicus)

This funky deciduous tree is native to the Eastern U.S. yet has a tropical vibe.

The lion

Pretty soon the pansies will be traded in for lush tropical plants that thrive in Wisconsin’s hot summers.

Aesculus spp.

I try to take pictures of plant names, but sometimes I forget.  Anyone know what Aesculus this is?

Pavilion roof

No nails or screws were used in making the pavilion.

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