Gardening on the Rock

This past November my aunt, uncle and cousin came out for a Thanksgiving visit to the Bay Area. My cousin Andrea really wanted to check out Alcatraz, so we went. The night before we watched a bunch of DVR’ed Alcatraz documentaries to get excited. Alcatraz is awesome and so are the gardens.

Aeonium spp.

In 2003 restoration began through a partnership with the Garden Conservatory, Golden Gate National Parks Conservatory and the National Parks Service. Check out The Gardens of Alcatraz page for more info about the restoration.  Quite a few of the plants brought in were super tough and survived years of neglect. Lots of succulents and drought tolerant plants. Only the toughest of the tough do well on the windy island.

Terraced garden

Check out the cute little greenhouse

Echium, Aeonium, Chasmanthe floribunda

Hill of Agave

San Francisco behind Agave

The gigantic hill of Agave is pretty incredible. There are hundreds of Agave americana. The view of the city isn’t so bad either.

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