Monkey’s Hands and more…

Monkey’s Hand Tree – Chiranthodendron pentadactylon

In an effort to study for the Saturday morning  Plant ID quiz I’m blogging about my favorite plants from last week. This tree rocks! It has flowers that look like monkey hands. Some even describe them as evil devil hands. What more can you ask for in a tree? It’s kind of messy, but I wouldn’t mind picking up spent monkey hands. Looks like it’s cool with low water situations too.

Monkey’s Hand Tree – Chiranthodendron pentadactylon & Agave

All this talk about focal points in the garden makes me think we need one.

Iris douglasiana – Douglas Iris

Iris douglasiana – Douglas Iris

How can you not love the California native Douglas Iris?

Fremontodendron californicum – California Flannelbush

Fremontodendron californicum – California Flannelbush

Another spectacular California native. Be careful of the irritating fuzz when pruning.

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