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  • Succulent Garden Sunday

    Succulent Sunday at An Alameda Garden. When riding the N-Judah MUNI line between 35 and 36 Ave, there is a little succulent strip I always. I decided to get off the train and take a closer look. Aeonium arboreum cvs. and Echeveria sp.? The shape repeats between the wooden post to the round shaped succulent. […]

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  • Happy April Bloom Day!

    It’s Garden Bloggers Bloom Day, yay! Here are our gratuitous pictures of what we have in bloom. I’ve been buying a fair amount of new non-succulents lately to balance things out. Eccremocarpus scaber ‘Tresco Gold’ We picked up Eccremocarpus scaber ‘Tresco Gold’ at Annie’s a couple months ago and it’s looking happy. It likes part […]

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  • Bacopa for Containers

    About a month ago our propagation class at SF City College transplanted a bunch of Bacopa Abunda seed plugs into 4 inch pots.  Man, they are growing fast inside the greenhouse. The Bacopa are growing vigorously. We had to pull them from the mesh flats to give them some breathing room.  More room = more […]

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  • La Playa Park Hipstasized

    When we need a break from our garden we can always walk across the street to our community garden, La Playa Park. We help take care of the succulent area and add new plants once in awhile. La Playa Park is rich blend of garden plants….from succulents…to perennials and California natives…to veggies.  People in the […]

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  • Plant ID: Poppies, Lavender,Yerba Buena

    After two weeks off for Spring Break, our City College Plant ID class is back in action. It’s going to take me awhile before Eschscholzia californica rolls off the tongue. Last weekend I made Matti pull over between Big Sur and Cayucos when I saw some California Poppies en masse. They’re blooming all over the […]

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  • Nepenthes and more Big Sur fun

    Before leaving Big Sur, we stopped at a couple of our favorite places starting with Nepenthe restaurant. Protea Love at Nepenthes Nepenthes Garden Nepenthe’s Gardens are pretty sweet…richly filled with succulents, CA Natives, and there is something always in bloom.  BTW their restaurant, Cafe Kevah, is reasonably priced and has a fantastic view. Someone tell us […]

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  • Tent Cabin in Big Sur

    We traveled south this past weekend down old Hwy 1.  After swinging by Succulent Gardens nursery, it was a short drive to one of our favorite places on earth…Big Sur.  Below is just a taste of the 75 mile ultra curvy coastal road that leads you through the belly of Big Sur. Bixby Creek Bridge […]

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  • Succulent Gardens Containers

    Succulent Gardens in Castroville CA had some really cool container ideas. Their wall panels are even available online. Rusty Rim Succulent Gardens has a bunch of found object full of succulents.  This old rusty car rim has a nice variety of Sedum, and Sempervivum (Hen and Chicks). Wall of Succulents The weather was moody when […]

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  • Digging Dudleya

    We just got home from a great trip down south (central coast to be more exact).  Here are two cute Dudleya pics from the trip Pretty sure it’s Dudleya farinosa, but too tired to look it up.  Tons of cool plants pics to come. Share the love: Facebook Email StumbleUpon Digg Categories: gardening | Tags: […]

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  • Succulent Gardens = AWESOME

    We took off work early Friday and headed south for Big Sur. We were pretty darn excited to finally visit Succulent Gardens, and it was as cool as we expected it to be. Thousands of succulents. This place is HUGE! Aeonium tabuliforme (Dinner Plates) Funky Frame Cacti Love On the side of one of the […]