Ditching the Dietes and Rosemary

A couple weeks ago I noticed a big branch of the rosemary had broken off. Right then I decided it needed to go. It’s one of the few original plants in the back. We’ve hacked away at it to make room for more plants, tied it to the fence to keep it from flopping over. This weekend it was time to go.

Another plant on my crap list was our Dietes vegeta or Fort Night Lily. I think it knew we were going to pull it out. The dang thing barely flowered, but in the last week it developed five or six flowers. Our next door neighbors who have been establishing a new garden gave it a nice new home.

Container fun instead! I’ve had a Correa pulchella and Grevillea waiting for homes for a couple weeks. Hope they’ll be happy.

The cute little Lotus maculatus ‘Gold Flash’ has a new home too.

Still need to move the mirror to balance things out a little, but I don’t miss the Rosemary or Dietes. We have a new doggie neighbor who’s still learning to stay out of garden. The cement blocks will go away eventually.

Max and his new girlfriend Marley.

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