Bacopa for Containers

About a month ago our propagation class at SF City College transplanted a bunch of Bacopa Abunda seed plugs into 4 inch pots.  Man, they are growing fast inside the greenhouse.

The Bacopa are getting bigger.

The Bacopa are growing vigorously.

We had to pull them from the mesh flats to give them some breathing room.  More room = more light gets to the leaves…which encourages faster, more uniform growth.

The Bacopa are now needed to come out of the carrying flats.

The 105 4-in pots are spread down the middle of the grown tables. You can see some other plants in the mesh flats on outer edges of the growing table.

Originating from southern Africa, Sutera cordata ‘Bacopa Abunda’ is best used as a perennial ground cover or in containers.  Fern over at Life on the Balcony has a great hanging basket she designed which included Bacopa.

Sprawling Bacopa.

Sprawling Bacopa.

Although not all the plants we are propagating will be ready for the CCSF Spring Plant Sale May 6…these baby will.

Far Out Flora

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