Nepenthes and more Big Sur fun

Before leaving Big Sur, we stopped at a couple of our favorite places starting with Nepenthe restaurant.

Protea Love at Nepenthes

Nepenthes Garden

Nepenthe’s Gardens are pretty sweet…richly filled with succulents, CA Natives, and there is something always in bloom.  BTW their restaurant, Cafe Kevah, is reasonably priced and has a fantastic view.

Someone tell us the name of this plant please

Seriously…we really need to know the name of this plant (above)…anybody know?

Nepenthes Driveway

The main driveway off of Hwy 1 is flanked with Italian Cypress (Cupressus sempervirens).  We fell in love with the Grevillea.


Down Sycamore Canyon Rd, there is a sweet little garden to see when you head towards Pfeiffer Beach.

Matti’s rock balancing at the beach

McWay Falls

Just before leaving Big Sur proper, check out McWay Fall, sometimes called Julie Pfeiffer Falls.  BTW, the falls often dry up by mid summer because lack of rain.

– Far Out Flora


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