Succulent Gardens = AWESOME

We took off work early Friday and headed south for Big Sur. We were pretty darn excited to finally visit Succulent Gardens, and it was as cool as we expected it to be.

Thousands of succulents. This place is HUGE!

Aeonium tabuliforme (Dinner Plates)

Funky Frame

Cacti Love

On the side of one of the greenhouses

This shot goes out to Danger Garden

Manfreda maculosa-Texas Tuberose

Vertical panels waiting for loving homes

Dykias rock!

Aeonium heaven

Sempervivum babies

There’s at least one or two more posts for this amazing place. If you ever find yourself between Santa Cruz and Monterey make sure you stop by for a visit. Robin Stockwell you are a succulent GOD. (We’re typing this in Big Sur right now, headed down to the Central Coast next).

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