Maybeck Cottage and Sackhouse Garden

Sunday was full of fabulous gardens.  We received a last minute invite to check out Sackhouse Gardens and Maybeck Cottage in the Berkeley Hills.  Bernard Maybeck designed the Palace of Fine Arts…that unforgettable landmark at the foot of Crissy Field over looking the Golden Gate Bridge.  Kathy Brown opened up her beautiful home and garden to support Plant Right, an organization dedicated to keeping invasive plants in under control.

Gladding McBean Sculpture

Mark Bulwinkle’s Entry Fence

Mark Bulwinkle designed garden light

Mark Bulwinkle’s sculptures have been well integrated into the gardens.  His rusted metal structures serve both form and function as with this light fixture above and the reclaimed rebar entrance gateway.

Tree House

Maybeck Cottage

With gorgeous views of the Bay, the house is tucked away amongst the foliage of the gardens.


Secret path

Plant Right was the focus for this garden gathering and we walked away with three easy items to remember.  1) Don’t Plant Invasives.  2) Buy Beautiful Non-Invasive Alternatives.  3) Spread the Word!  Share these materials.

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