Casper’s Garden Part Deux

Casper and Daryl opened up their garden for a private tour this past Sunday.  Their 1/2 acre garden, located in Oakland CA, is heavily filled with mature succulents and bromeliads along with splashes of California Natives and other exotic orchids, perennials, and shrubs.  Casper, owner of Casper Landscape Design, has been feature many times in publications and TV for his brilliant eye for design and garden installs.  Their garden has evolved over the past 10+ years.  Built on a slope, there is no possible way to see the garden in its entirety.  Around every bend is a new view of wonder.

Overview of the front garden. Amazing blue margin Agave in front. Even the spikes have a blue tinge.


Heading to the back garden, many Tillandsia and Bromeliad greet guests.

Tillandsia spp. in bloom.


South facing vertical wall.


We were amazed how much the foliage and flowering plants have changed since our last visit.


Nice play on color and texture between these two succulents.


Brilliant flowers on this Euphorbia.


We were enamored with this white leafed Bromeliad.


Leucadendron ‘Cloudbank Ginny’


We first met Casper and Daryl last year at a SF Succulent & Cacti Society meeting, and they continue to inspire us, and keep pushing our creativity in our own garden.  Thanks Casper and Daryl!


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