Garden Junk

After about a year of living in San Francisco,  it occurred to me that I could put glass and ceramic objects in the garden and they wouldn’t freeze and break over winter (sometimes I’m a little slow).  I love buying weird stuff at garage sales and thrift stores, but don’t have the perfect spot inside for my beloved red ceramic unicorn. He’s much happier hanging out with the succulents.

Five buck dragon garage sale score.

This freaky bunny/gnome thing was here when we moved in.

Garage sale creature.

Keeper of the Agave

Magic red unicorn.

Another funky creature.

Old surfboards are relatively easy to find out here.

These days finding a spot for new plants is challenging. I’m now on the lookout for unusual objects I can put plants in. I recently posted about funky containers for Life on the Balcony’s Blog Carnival.


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