Succulent Sale Saturday

Looking for something to do this Saturday? Check out there’s Succulent and Cacti Sale in Berkeley, and find yourself a funky new plant to call your own.

When:  10 am – 5 pm.

Back in January we braved the rain and headed to Berkeley.  Here are some of the plants we saw.

Euphorbia obesa

How adorable is this little Baseball Plant? Obesa is a South African (Great Karoo) native who is used to living in sunny, rocky hillside spots in the wild. Probably best inside for water control purposes. Very well drained medium is key too.

Echeveria ‘Minas’

Wholly coolness! Minas likes full sun to keep her beautiful dark red color going. There are a lot of Echeverias out there, not 100% sure it’s ‘Minas’. Does it even matter? :)

Euphorbia neohumbertii

Funky neohumbertii is native to Madagascar and doesn’t like temps below 60 degrees. It wakes up from dormancy in March, so its cute little leaves haven’t popped out yet. Light shade is good too.

Euphorbia ledienii

We’re not 100% sure this one’s a ledienii, but it’s really cool. Any thoughts?

Echeveria ‘Fireball’

Another sweet Echeveria. Grow this one in full sun for the best color. It’s a good idea to plant these at an angle when growing them in the ground. It lets the water runoff the leaves.

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