Plant ID Week Five Faves

This week our Plant ID class was all about the Myrtaceae family, with a few others thrown in.  Here are our top three picks:

Eucalyptus pulverulenta – Silver Mountain Gum

This is where decorative eucalyptus comes from. Love it, but guess it doesn’t make a great ornamental tree due to its “irregular form”. The Encyclopedia of Stanford Trees, Shrubs and Vines describes it best, “This plant clearly has little interest in becoming an upright tree, and is happy to send its branches down as well as up. To be polite you could say it is a designer tree.” Who knew Stanford had an encyclopedia of all their trees, shrubs and vines?

Callistemon citrinus – Lemon Bottle Brush

We like Callistemons. They’re very exotic to Wisconsinites. I have a little dwarf dude out back. Sometimes I think he doesn’t flower enough, but he’s young. Not a whole lot more to say about these guys.

Aesculus californica – California Buckeye

Native to California this deciduous tree loses its leaves in July/August due to lack of water. It’s normal, but kind of weird. It hangs on to its seed pods for a funky silhouette. The good news is it gets an early Spring start as you can see in the pic above.

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