Society Week

It was a week full of plant society meetings. On Tuesday night we went to the SF Cacti and Succulent Society meeting. Stephen McCabe, Director of Education and Curator of Succulents at the UC Santa Cruz Arboretum, spoke about Dudleyas. We just bought a cool new Dudleya farinosa ‘Bluff Lettuce’ at Annie’s a couple weeks ago. It’s native to the California coast, along with a bunch of other cool Dudleyas. Check out some of the pics from the show and tell table:

Dudleya and friends

The Manly Cactus

Thursday was the SF Bromeliad Society meeting. Paul Isley from Rainforest Flora was the speaker, and it was all about the Tillandsia. Rainforest Flora is an amazing place, which I’d love to take a field trip to some day soon. In the early 80′s Rainforest made a commitment to become a self sufficient in Tillandsia production, and in 1993 it happened. You can buy your Tillandsias from them knowing they were not harvested from the wild.  Paul just came out with a new book, Tillandsia II.  We’re kind of kicking ourselves for not buying one at the meeting. They went fast. I guess we’ll have to pay for shipping. Check out this great PDF about outdoor hardy Bromeliads in the Bay Area. Here are some sweet Bromeliad pics from the show and tell table:

Tillandsia wall of cool


I don’t know the name…and it is a Bromeliad.

Bouquet of beautiful


*I feel kind of lame not having the botanical names: it’s hard to keep track of them all.

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