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Yesterday it was still sunny when I got home from work, so I took some shots of our indoor collection. I didn’t include a shot of the ferns I don’t water enough, or the awesome wall of staghorn ferns.  Oftentimes I’ll get sick of an indoor plant wanting to make room for new things and it gets released in to the backyard to fend for themselves. They make a good screen for the super ugly building across the street that blocks our beach view.

Check out the gigantic pineapple plant in the above pic. If it could call the plant abuse hotline it would have. It should have been repotted at least a year ago… So last night we came home and noticed a few more ants crawling around the kitchen than normal. Yuck! The pineapple’s buddy, the sickly chenille plant, has been attracting aphids off and on which lead to ant parties, so I checked that shelf first. The ants were having a party on/in the pineapple plant so it had to go outside. There were hundreds of them under the pot freaking out when I lifted it up. I started this guy from an actual pineapple we bought and ate. More info about growing pineapples and its dramatic progress to come. I have a feeling the chenille and the pineapple aren’t going to be very happy out back, but maybe we’ll get lucky.

– Megan Far Out Flora

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