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Thrift Store Succulent Storage, Jan 2010

We were yard sale hunting one weekend early November and not having any luck.  Instead of packing it in, we headed to the Mission neighborhood to check out the thrift stores.  Strolling around in Thrift Town, we found this shiny object that looked like it had some promise.

There were a ton of holes on the top, but the sides were open.  We quickly discovered that two garden six pack  trays fit snugly inside.  A little dirt, sphagnum moss, and 35 succulent cuttings from our garden…we made the succulent container below.

1st planted.

November 2009 planting

1st planted (2)

November 2009 planting (2)

This past weekend while the sun popped out for a bit, I shot a couple photos of its progress.  I am happy to say it past its awkward stage and all grown up.

NOTES:  The shiny container is about 9 x 6 x 2 inches.  I am still not certain what it was originally used for, but Matti is easily distracted by shiny objects.  We took two garden six packs (the type you get when you buy a flat of plants) with sphagnum moss and a topped off with dirt.  Next we slide them inside the shiny box and packed some more sphagnum moss around the opening of both sides to hide and secure the garden six packs.  Finally, we systematically inserted the 35 succulent cuttings into the holes using a pencil.  And Voila!

This weekend, it is filled in

This weekend, it is all grown up. Jan 2010

– Matti Far Out Flora

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