Belated Late Show Gardens

I wanted to eat lunch here…

Love the blue ball tree

Funky Installation

Tillandsia Heaven

Tillandsia Wall O’ Heaven

Agave Happy Land


Love this container creation (and the Aeoniums)


Sweet container made out of an old tire

These guys can’t live in water all the time….


Hills and grass

Lots and lots of pictures. I realize this is old news, but this past fall we checked out the very first Late Show Gardens at the super awesome Cornerstone Gardens in Sonoma. We had a great time wandering around the creative and unusual garden designs. Bought some new plants, listened to a lecture about Australian plants. A good time was had by all. We’ll definitely be going back next year. Honestly, we like Sonoma WAY more than Napa. It happens to be a little bit closer, but places like Cornerstone make it rock even more. Downtown Sonoma is an adorable little town. I’ve found some cool things at the Church Mouse Thrift store off the main square. I’m sure we’ll be posting more Sonoma stuff soon, since we love it so much.

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