Tillandsia’s Turning Colors

Saturday day morning I was watering the indoor plants and surprise!!! The Tillandsia ionantha is blooming and beautiful. The week before I was lazy and gave them all a little misting instead of the full dunk in water (my normal routine). We have a flock (30-40) of tillys, so it can be  time consuming. This little dude was probably flowering earlier, but I missed him. I will no longer neglect the tillys. Tillandsias (Air Plants) are easy to grow. They’re epiphytes, so they don’t need any dirt, just a happy place to perch with bright light. Mine get a bath once a week. I had 4-5 babies that survived just fine with a misting every week. As long as they dry within four hours all is good. Check out some pics of our other guys:

These guys are outside, tucked in to our shopping cart of plants. I probably should have taken them in with the days and days of rain, but they seem okay.

This one is my favorite, Tillandsia bulbosa. The freaky squiggly baby has been growing out of it for quite some time. I love plants that shoot out pups.

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