This little Bonsai is heading to the compost bin.

Four bonsai, and three are going strong.  I do not know what I love more, the little tree like forms shrunken, or all that moss.  Below, are two Juniperus spp., and a Pinus mugo var. mugo.  They are all under a year old.  Keep scrolling and you will see my not so good looking Bonsai and what went wrong.

My Japanese Garden Juniper, Juniperus procumbens ‘Nana’, is now going to the compost bin. This was the first Bonsai tree that I started when I arrived in San Francisco. Not knowing much, I checking out YouTube for some pointers.

Below is the one that is going to the compost bin.  I have been letting it try to grow for the past 6 months, with no luck…and I could use the room to start a new one.

Japanese Garden Juniper

Based on what I know now, and some successful trees that I have growing, here is what went wrong:

1) I over pruned the plant when I received it, in many places down to the bare wood. Most plants do not like to have over 1/3 of the plant pruned at any one time. I now just get the plant into the new container, and let it adjust to its new surroundings before starting the pruning process.
2) I completely revamped the roots system at the same time, pruning them ferociously. As part of letting it adjust, I use the dirt that it came in, and leave most all the roots intact…which leads me in to 3
3) I use sphagnum moss as the dirt medium. I still use the dirt it came with, but pack in the moss. What I did wrong is I jammed packed as much moss as possible which ended up choking out the plant. Now I put it in semi firm amount, but not so that it feels like a rock.
Far Out Flora

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