Cheap Wide Angle Lens

Matti and I got each other a Nikon D40 for Christmas instead of a bunch of little stuff. It’s takes fabulous pictures. For fun I bought a super cheapo ($30.00) wide-angle lens and it rocks!  This first pic is one I took without the macro part of the lense attached. It’s pretty blurry and has some severe vignetting going on. You can still make out the killer pineapple plant.

Today I figured out if I put the macro and the wide angle on together they take some crazy cool pictures.  There’s a bee in the blooming rosemary.

Succulent Row

Here’s a funky shot of one side of the garden (the most crowded and established side). It happens to get the most sun too.

Max doesn’t really like plants very much. They distract us from throwing him his tennis ball. He likes to ditch his ball under the shopping cart of plants to get attention.

It’s the backyard in all of its glory!  We don’t have a lot of before pictures which is kind of sad. We do have some documentation of the Mattress Vine Massacre from several months back. Matti was almost eaten by the giant vine from hell. This new lens is pretty sweet. I’m a fan of Holgas and other lomography plastic cameras, so I’m happy to have found something that replicates the look.

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