San Francisco Succulent Society

Aloe polyphylla


Aeonium arboreum : Swartzkopf


Aloe sp.: bloom


Agave victoriae-reginae

How can you not love the SF Succulent Society?  Not only do they have a sweet $1.00 raffle where you almost always win. They offer up cool lectures and unique sale plants that are tough to find at your regular garden shop. Every third Tuesday of the month you can experience the fun of

“Meetings are far from the usual boring fare (no, it’s not a bunch of old people falling asleep in the dark!). We have a lively crowd! Normally, 50 or more people of all ages show up for an informative slide show, panel discussion, or cultivation demonstration. There is always a featured grower offering plants not available elsewhere, a raffle for plants propagated by the club, a show and tell table with an informative discussion of the plants on display, refreshments, and more! Please come check us out. First time visitors receive a free plant!”

Sometimes people argue. Sometimes people say crazy things. A good time is always had by all. We had a blast at the winter solstice hat party in December. You really do get a free plant for your first visit. I’ve never left without a box of cool plants for under $10.00. The informative lectures have expanded my knowledge of succulents. I now know about the Karoo in South Africa. For all of this awesomeness described above, the membership is only $15.00 a year ($5.00 for each additional household member). Worth every penny.  The next meeting for the San Francisco Succulent & Cactus Society is this coming Tuesday, January 18 at 7:00 PM in the San Francisco County Fair Building, located at 9th Avenue and Lincoln in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco. We’ll be there!

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