Terrarium Moss Fun

Moss is super cool!

The first step is locating some moss in a safe and legal location. Matti likes to bring a tool to scrape the moss off easily.

The next step is to collect the other stuff you want to put in your terrarium like:
-store bought ground cover (I’m not confident the sedum is going to make it)
-pitcher plants that replicated (super cool)
-distilled/rain water (especially for the carnivore terrarium)
-sphagnum moss
-some regular dirt
-twigs, lychen and eucalyptus seeds

*Layer the sand, moss and dirt and then jam the other stuff in. Spray a bunch of water in (especially for the carnivores). Please note our two new terrariums have only been living for a couple days, so this may not work. Our first one seems to be doing okay.

Super Terrarium Fun Time!

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